Oron 57 – Semipermanent makeup device, Cosmetic tattoo device

Oron 57 Semi-permanent makeup, also known as micro-pigmentation aesthetic procedure, is a part of rapid evolving industry with a high market potential, and it is set to be present in all beauty salons around the world.

NPM created this innovating device – ORON Semi-Permanent Make-up – so that the cosmetic technician would have the guarantee of a safe device, which complies to the highest medical and quality standards, with a fast rate of investment recovery.

The main features, and what makes ORON Semi-permanent Makeup special from other similar devices available on the market, are his precision, retractable needles (the needles retract when it detects that one of the is broken) and fast needle switching system.

The needle stability of semi-permanent makeup device ensures fast and precise results, with no deviation what so ever.No matter the number or type needles ORON is equipped with, all of them are joined at base and they separate at the tips, and all are in conformity with ISO 10993-1.

The most important thing is the patient’s safety and the safety of the procedure, that is why ORON 57 was designed with a safety cartridge, which can be easily removed, allowing fast needle change or replacement so the technician can apply different effects.

ORON 56/57 Semi-permanent and tattoo device can perform the following treatments:

  • Eye contour – upper and lower eye contour, also eyelid pigmentation with different colors;
  • Cheeks highlighting – different shadows of blush
  • Eyebrows – highlighting, filling and contouring the eyebrows;
  • Lips – lips contour, fine or complete lip pigmentation;
  • Paramedical treatments – nipple reconstruction after breast amputation, creating the effect of natural hair follicles, cover or diminish scars, remodeling lips, with the possibility of fine or complete pigmentation.

ORON 57 comes with a Roller applicator for scalp micro-pigmentation, a NPM patented technology, which creates a natural effect of real hair follicles, which reduces the technician’s work time by 80%!

The Roller is a unique device, designed with 57 needles, creating a innovative system which allows scalp’s micro-pigmentation faster and easier.

The Roller facilitates the easiness of scalp’s micro-pigmentation simply by maneuvering it on the scalp with no pain for the client. Treatment is intended for both men and women, in cases of baldness or alopecia. A wide range of pigments is available to suit all hair shades. The results are immediate and requires a single treatment session!

The treatment is safe and no side effects.

ORON 57 pack contains:

  • Handle;
  • Foot switch;
  • Power supply;
  • User manual;
  • Training;
  • Company catalogue.

The devices, accessories and NPM pigments are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards, complying to the international regulations and are officially certified by medical authorities in Europe (European Committee).

ORON 57 advantages:

  • Great price-quality ratio, with a fast and sure recovery of investment;
  • Is silent;
  • Saves 80% of your timr!
  • Patented roller with fast and precise results;
  • Ergonomically designed, with a lightweight aluminum handle;
  • Perfect color pigments;
  • Because of the unique design of the needles, the technician is able to create various effects (hair follicles, shadows, etc.);
  • Minimum pain;
  • Safety cartridge system;
  • 2 years warranty.

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