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  • It provides a wide range of pigments to match all shades;
  • The results are immediate – requires a single session and one retouch;
  • The effect is semipermanent and there is no risk of discoloration;
  • The treatment is safe and with no side effects;
  • Most effective corrective pigments in the world.

BioTouch pigments are formulated with Iron Oxides which are known to be safe for cosmetic use, colorants, and micropigmentation to the face and body. Because the pigments have more of these particles in every drop, they absorb into the skin much more effectively. The result is less fading, and truer color.

The pigments also have a different texture and quality. They do not dry out like most. The microfine particles used, along with Ethanol, allows the pigment to dry slower, and keeps the mixuture smooth, as the technician works with it.

Other brands of pigments boast to have organic compounds, but organic is not always the best choice. Allergies can be more common in organic substances. Some people are allergic to vegetable dye, and pigments with vegetable dye are not stable. Some brands even use industrial colors similar to automobile paint! This can be dangerous and can cause an allergic reaction.

In addition to iron oxides, black shades are carbon based, which has the same chemical makeup as what is naturally found in our bodies, so there is even more precaution against any chances of an allergic reaction.

Over 50,000 technicians use Biotouch products in 33 different countries daily.

Founded in 1984, BioTouch, Inc. is now one of the leading manufacturers and trainers of semi-permanent and permanent makeup, permanent makeup machines, and accessories.
Since the very beginning, BioTouch has led the challenge of saving women from the time-consuming regimen of enhancing their beauty. BioTouch’s unique approach combines 5,000 years of Asian makeup techniques with modern technology to create the finest permanent and semi-permanent makeup products available today.


  • Eye contour
  • Paramedical correction and corrections retouch
  • Eyelid pigmentation in various shades
  • Emphasizing cheeks – various shades of blush
  • Eyebrows – filling, define and contour of eyebrows
  • Lips – lip contour, fine or total pigmentation of the lips



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