Cosmetical Devices

Oron 57Oron 57

Semi-permanent makeup, also known as micro-pigmentation aesthetic procedure, is a part of rapid evolving industry with a high market potential, and it is set to be present in all beauty salons around the world.

Mosaic Biotouch for a semi-permanent make-upMosaic Biotouch

Mosaic Biotouch is one of the newest semi-permanent make-up device which can round needles and also flat needles. Although is equipped with a powerful motor, Mosaic is silent and easy to use.


WishPro is a innovating device which appeals to beauty salons, but also to individuals, being able to perform 4 unique cosmetic treatments, and all with a small initial investment. WishPro treatments offers instant results, even the clients can see and feel the improvement of their skin’s health, which becomes brighter and younger!