FormaLight IPL hair removal

Forma LightForma Light hair removal is the most advanced IPL for permanent hair removal. Forma Light system is safe, efficient, easy to use and has a competitive price-quality ratio, fast return of investment being the key factor.

Main characteristicsforma-light-aparat-profesional

  • Full control over electro-physical parameters: Pulse duration, pulse intensity and the flow of energy;
  • Treatment parameters preset according to patient’s needs;
  • Aesthetic treatments for all skin types, including dark phenotypes;
  • Painless treatments and without side effects;
  • The short duration pulse that reaches the highest intensity, to maximize efficiency and patient comfort;
  • Lamp size of the applicator for the treatment of large areas;
  • IPL epilator weight is only 8.9 kg;
  • The IPL epilator applicators are designed with a safety mechanism for disabling triggering pulse if key conditions are not met;
  • IPL epilator with lightweight and ergonomic applicators, ideal for long working time;
  • Multilanguage display;
  • Available in 4 colors;
  • Innovative design with touchscreen;
  • Emergency stop button;
  • Competitive price-quality ratio;
  • Unique and innovative technology.

Number of impulses and duration usage of the applicators


IPL blonde 590nm 20.000-60,000 impulses
IPL dark 650nm 20.000-60,000 impulses
Facial IPL SR 530nm 50.000 impulses
Acne IPL 430nm 50.000 impulses
Body IPL 590nm blonde 20.000-60,000 impulses
Body IPL 650nm dark 20.000-60,000 impulses

Forma Light system operation modes

All the epilator applicators (F-HR, B-HR, HR, F-HR*, B-HR*, HR*) can function in 3 different modes or in major safety if needed, as tanned skin or special sensibility.

Singular Mode

The chosen amount of light energy (XJ / cm²) is delivered to the skin in a single strong and localized pulse. The pulse duration can have different values between 20 ms and 55 ms, and HR epilator applicators can be adjusted by the operator; for the other applicator (F-HR-HR B, M-HR *, B-HR *) pulse duration is set automatically from 2 ms to 10 ms. By using singular module, there is a noticeable performance through photothermolysis and has a precise and powerful impact on the target area. This mode is recommended for all situations in which there is a noticeable good skin tolerance and no risks related to changes in color, but also in the case of very sensitive areas like the groin.

Double Modeaparat-profesional-forma-light

The chosen amount of light energy (XJ / cm²) is divided into two equal parts, with a range of 250 – 350ms. For example, the HR applicator for skin type III may be set to 17J / cm² to 40 ms in dual mode and has the following structure: 8.5j / cm² at 20 ms in a period of 350ms, double pulse. Although the sum of the two pulses reaches the set amount of energy (in the case of 17J / cm²), traumatic impact is significantly reduced. This is the right choice to maintain the effectiveness and reduce the sensation of pain the patient hypersensitive. Whereupon double mode reduces the risk of side effects such as redness or burning. It is recommended in sensitive areas (perianal, groin, periorbital) but can be used on any area if the patient has a high degree of pain.

Continuum Mode

A small amount of energy (3,5J / cm² – 7J / cm²) is delivered continuously and rapidly (1 Hz – 3 Hz) on the skin and is the safest way of working. By using a continuous series of pulses at low intensity, the operator will get to gradually set amount of energy released in one area. This type of procedure is ideal for finishing and maintenance if definitive hair removal, as well as in situations of hypersensitivity.

Mode Flux [J/cm²] Pulse duration [miliseconds] Treated area [cm²] Applicator Wave length specter [nanometers] Clinical application
Single, Double, Continuum 08/05/19 20 – 55 ms (adjustable) 6,5 HR* 650-1100 Permanent hair removal; skin type: V-VI
Single, Double, Continuum 08/05/19 T < 6 ms (automatic) 1,6 F – HR*
 Single, Double, Continuum  08/05/19 T < 10 ms
(setare automata)
 3  B – HR*
Single, Double, Continuum 9 – 20.2 20 – 55 ms
6.5  HR  590 – 1100 Permanent hair removal; skin type: I – IV
 Single, Double, Continuum 9 – 20.2 T < 6 ms
 1.6  F – HR
 Single, Double, Continuum 9 – 20.2 T < 10 ms
 3 B – HR
 Single, Double, Continuum 8.5 – 21.8 20 – 55 ms
 6.5  SR  530 – 1100 Rejuvenation, lesions, onychomycosis
 Single, Double, Continuum 8.5 – 21.8 T < 6 ms
1.6 F – SR
 Single, Double, Continuum  8.5 – 21.8 T < 10 ms
 3  B – SR
 Single, Double, Continuum 8.5 – 21.8 T < 6 ms
 1.6 F-AC 440 – 1100 Acne

Available Forma Light Applicators – IPL hair removal

  • IPL-HR hair removal applicators are used for hair removal – 6 types of applicators are available with different wavelengths (590 nm / 650 nm) and sizes of the spot (1.6 cm2 / 3 cm2 / 6,5 cm2) depending surface treatment area for best results.
  • IPL-SR – applicator is used for the IPL treatment of onychomycosis (nail mycosis) and IPL treatment for face and body rejuvenation, and for treating skin imperfections such as vascular lesions, pigmented lesions and pigmentation spots.
  • F-AC applicator is used in the IPL treatment of active acne.

Forma Light - Epilator IPL, Aparat Epilare IPL pentru Epilare DefinitivaTreatments that can be done with IPL hair removal

  • Hair removal for all skin types, including tanned skin and efficient even on brighter hair;
  • Skin rejuvenation;
  • Onycomychosis treatment;
  • Skin imperfection treatment;
  • Vascular lesions treatment;
  • Acne treatment

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